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Coordination and Collaborators

We have no obligations towards the Institute, because the Institute is an abstract place where researchers from all parts of the world meet, as long as one of its topics of discussion within research ethics is freedom of scientific expression, even when you are against it, as long as you support your position scientifically, logically, and argumentatively. It is just a space within which to meet, and to hope for future projects together. Our team has a Coordination within each department, and each Coordination is classified according to «peoples», that is, human groups united by a common language or coming from the same root, and who share common characteristics, such as a territory, phenotypic characteristics and similar customs.

  • Andrey V. Skorobogatov

    Coordinator Criminology | Area. Slavic population
  • María Inmaculada Ruiz Fincias

    Coordinator Criminology | Area. Hispanic population
  • Lorena Valdebenito

    Colaboradora de Investigación
    Área | Musicología