Francisco Maffioletti Celedón

Researcher Director of Psychology

Psychologist and Bachelor of Psychology at Diego Portales University. Doctor in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires. National Award for the Specialty of Legal and Forensic Psychology (2011), awarded by the College of Psychologists of Chile A.G. Doctor in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Master in Clinical, Legal and Forensic Psychology, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Scientific Director for Chile of the Latin American Association in Legal and Forensic Psychology (ALPJF). Member of the Academic Council, founder and professor of the Master’s Program in Legal and Forensic Psychology, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile). Coordinator and Principal Investigator of the Ibero-American Psychology team, Ibero-American Institute of The Hague (IIH). President of the Chilean Institute Foundation for the Study of Violence (ICEV). Past-President and Founder Chilean Association of Legal and Forensic Psychology (ACHPSIJU). Founding partner of Consulting Expertise Psychological Consultants. Forensic Expert in criminal, civil, labor and family matters. University Professor uninterruptedly since 1993. Professor at the Judicial Academy of Chile, Academy of Prosecutors, Diploma in Family Law at the UAH, Faculty of Medicine at the UCh, among others.